Friday, March 20, 2015

Jeepers Peepers

It's almost Easter, you guys! I've always loved this holiday. The neighborhood that I grew up in was filled with families when I was little, and every year, the parents would get together and hide eggs all over their yards. The kids would get together and do a major Easter egg hunt throughout the whole neighborhood, and afterwards, we would end up at one of the houses for a pot luck. Nowadays, I spend my time with Chris at his parents' house and we have a big Italian Easter fest. I thought I'd jazz things up a bit and try my hand at crafting, so here is a cute little DIY for those who have been thinking about making your own hair accessories! These would make a great gift for a friend, or to wear to your own Easter party.

I picked up everything at Michaels, except for the candy that I bought at my local grocery store.
All it takes is a hot glue gun, ribbon wide enough to fit on top of your plastic headbands and hair clips, and candy! Just glue on your ribbon, then add whatever candy you like! I went for peeps, m&m's, and Easter eggs.

Now let's get started:

I love these little birdie clips I made, with little birds and m&m's! So cute! 

Next up is a peeps headband! This was by far the hardest to construct because hot glue does not want to stick to these guys. But I'm loving the result! The one tip I have for this is to do two rounds of glue for each peep.

And my favorite of all, the m&m and eggs headband! This is so cute and not as fragile as the other one. I feel like I can wear this on any given day and that no one would even know that it's made of candy! Or maybe not. But either way, it's a good one!

I hope you've enjoyed the post! If you have done some Easter DIYs, I'd love to see! <3

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Sweet Ideas

 Just in case you're still in a panic for the perfect V-Day outfit, or still searching for the perfect Galentine's Day gift for your bestie, here are some of my favorite picks this holiday. I used to not really put much thought into this particular day, but this year I'm really feeling it. I love that all the stores are decorated in red + pink, the candy I feel I can eat as an excuse for celebrating, and having an excuse to eat at my favorite restaurant (which is only reserved for special occasions because of how expensive it is).

For you...

Kate Spade has the cutest array of Valentine's Day clothing and accessories right now, including this dress that's on sale! Link is here

I'm so in love with the latest clutches being sold over at Hello Holiday! Hurry before they're all sold out! Clutch can be found here

I have a number of red lipstick favorites, but lately I've been loving L'Oreal's British Red. It's a great color and consistency, and feels super moisturizing. And you can't beat the price! You can find it here

I don't know about you, but I'm a sucker for molten chocolate lava cakes. The recipe for this one is super simple, and would be the perfect thing to bake together after a romantic meal at your favorite restaurant. Recipe can be found here

If I had been a smarter planner, I would've booked a room at the most romantic b&b in Palm Springs (the Korakia Pensione, shown above). Sometimes it's nice to just be somewhere different for a night. If you live in a big city and have always wanted to stay at a certain hotel but never found a reason before, now's a perfect time! If you live in a small town, head into the city! Link to the Korakia can be found here 

For your guy... 

  Ever since I discovered this amazing company (thanks Alison!), I've been convinced this is the best invention ever created. This website has curated artisan chocolates, alcoholic beverages and snacks that you can send to yourself or as a gift to a friend (or lover). Brilliant! I know my guy likes to makes drinks so this is the perfect gift for him, but there is something for everyone here! I particularly love their beef jerky sticks, bacon chocolate bar, and honey + sea salt almond butter! Link to MOUTH can be found here

And finally, for the bestie...

Can't go wrong with the cutest Heart Tumbler ever! Your bestie can take it to work, on a jog around the neighborhood, or even at home. It can be found here